3 Benefits of Using Property Management Software

Whether you’re a property manager or independent property investor you want to be able to manage your properties efficiently and easily. Using property management software can allow you to easily manage the administration side of investment property ownership while you get on with the more important stuff like finding new deals and making money. Here… Read More »

10 Reasons to Create Multiple Streams of Income

Imagine, you’re sitting at the cafe overlooking a lake, a row of ducks swim leisurely with their family in tow, you watch admiring the beauty of nature, a waiter brings you your breakfast of poached eggs on spinach with salmon and hollandaise on the side, along with your favourite coffee, a flat white made with… Read More »

How to create multiple streams of income

The first time I came across this concept I was maybe eighteen. I picked up Robert G. Allen’s book ‘Multiple Streams of Income: How to generate a lifetime of unlimited wealth’ and was hooked on the concept. Theoretically anyway. I wanted to put it in practice but like many eighteen year olds the money I… Read More »